Jeffrey Lewis / 12 Crass Songs [2008]
Jeffrey Lewis
12 Crass Songs
Rough Trade
January 29, 008

What would an English anarchist punk rock band formed in 1977 think if an American anti-folk singer/songwriter and comic book artist that graduated in 1997 decided to make an album of covers changing the perspective of the lyrics? Well i don't know but that's exactly what NY based Jeffrey Lewis did with 12 Crass Songs, an album of songs written by the British punk band Crass, adding Jeffrey's anti-folk sense of anarchism and life. Along with prominent figures like Adam Green or Kimya Dawson, Lewis has that self-inflicted experimental vibration that can easily be recongnized in his lyrics and in his illustrations, Jeffrey Lewis hates the living dead and their working factories and he makes it clear in 12 Crass songs. -Khyne

Highlights / End Result


The Kiln -
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