New Video: Feist "I Feel It All" [2008]

Feels like a long time ago when you saw Feist for the first time on TV: black and white dress, red Gibson 335, white flower on her hair, you were amazed. You remember it was your dad who pointed her out. You were heart-broken at the time. Feist helped. You loved her, she was so simple, her trombone player so easy-going, delicious no-glam pop. Feist is just there in the line of plain beauty and hearbreaking corny, just your sweetspot. Now she's a superstar and you can get a little of her everywhere. And then we find out why you love her so much. It feels like having an old friend become famous and find out she remembers you.

Because, she reminds us, indie is an attitude. Remember the cardboard hanging breads of Mushaboom? After dancing on a handrail (a personal dream of mine) and big-budget one-shot kitsch pseudo-pop choreography video for "1 2 3 4" turned iPod commercial and (oh so true) parody, director Patrick Daughters comes back and makes yet another statement: no matter how much money you get, you can always spend it the indie way. Which means, get a whole parklot of synchronized fireworks (along with the rhodes, oh yes) and shot it with a handheld camera. And be sure she wears a black and white striped sweater.-postbop


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