Love Is All / Love Is All Mixed Up [2008]
Love Is All
Love Is All Mixed Up
January 22, 2008

O.K, fact is, you can never grasp Love Is All at once. Second fact is, remixes are good because they make music even more ungraspable (and yet making it completely transparent to perceptive ears). Given that, it's no wonder why this record makes such great party material. Now the cuestion is, can lo-fi pop meet hi-fi electronic remixes and stay healthy? Answer may be yes, if it is turned inside out, cut apart piece by piece, resampled, filtered, looped, spinned, scratched, glued back toghether and set to dry in the middle of a deserted dance floor for everybody to step on it. As eclectic and off-centered as the scene it spawned from, this indie-electronic-electroclash-pop collage puts your speakers to dance, giving new shape to the amazing and twisted sax lines by Fredrik Eriksson and keeping fantastic (and atractive) Josephine Olausson's explosive Riot Grrrl vocals while making a jam out of everything else. This time it's not Nine Times That Same Song but two times those three (great) songs plus one. QED. - postbop

Highlights / Felt Tip (Hot Chip Remix)


The Kiln -
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