Rings / Black Habit [2008]
Black Habit
Paw Tracks
January 15, 2008

"Ok that was interesting. so, let's see... Brooklyn female trio, one of the girls is the sister of an Animal Collective member, vocals sound like Joanna Newsom, songs are too long for my taste, 6 minutes per song?... c'mon! but let's be honest here, they aren't boring at all and about that drumming technique of those songs... what technique? the drummer is just having some fun here." I've been listening to the Rings debut album all day long and I still can't write a decent review of this, sure I can start talking about Paw Tracks or the fact that former Múm vocalist Kria Brekkan produced the album, but it wont be enough, this album is something else, and i mean it! the only thing that comes to my mind about Black Habit it's a beautiful painting with a delicate amount of shadows, amazing strokes of light and a very peaceful atmosphere. I hope that's enough for you to check this out and again... I mean it! -Khyne

Highlights /
Is He Handsome


The Kiln -
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