Jack Peñate / Matinee [2008]
Jack Peñate
XL Recordings
January 22, 2008

All of the sudden you wonder what's the deal with all these horns/strings/mallets arrangments in Indie music nowadays and realize, just as with oddly shaped clouds which remind you of the ones that once looked like whales and unicorns, that sometimes it is nice to have some straight-ahead nice guitar/lyrics/voice music to party or to share your new iSplitter with your girlfriend, specially if her name is Ivonne. Jack Peñate's debut album, Matinee (XL, 2006), might do it for you if you're trying to learn how to play the guitar and are sick and tired of multi-effect pedals, fuzzboxes and power chords and just want to dance along as you play. You may even try to sing as good as he does, and yes, he is number-one between the ladies. He's cool, fun dancer, british and oh, as old as I am. - postbop

Highlights / My Ivonne


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