Aaron Thomas / Follow The Elephants [2008]
Aaron Thomas
Follow The Elephants
January 13, 2008

If Thom Yorke ever tried to bring back the 60’s-70’s singer-songwriters’ music to the twenty-first century, it’d probably sound like Aaron Thomas. This unknown Aussie, who is currently living in Madrid, has surprised me (as much as one can be surprised when one doesn’t expect anything). His voice has almost the same tone as Yorke’s, but he doesn’t usually sound that depressed and paranoid. He tours with a melodic rock band with no avant-garde experiments, so the lyrics and his voice are the main point here and other things are just complementary. It may be a bit hard to purchase this album if you don’t live in Spain, but you can buy it here and in some other Spanish on-line stores. You can check out his myspace as well. - Grey

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