Lucrecia live @ Valentino (Manizales) [10/01/2008]
Somehow you manage to come out of that fantasmalagical music haze you're in, all in the midst of colors and superimposed voices, and realize (though you already knew it) that she is recording live guitars and voices, and gaze in amazement. It is always nice to trace influences in Lucrecia's music, and she gives some hints and paths you can trace. Some are easier than others: she posts CD covers at her Flickr account or plays cover songs, such as Feist's "Sacred Heart" which opened the concert. Then follows the usual setlist from her Like Being Home EP, sing along, played flawlessly but with that live-recording feeling which makes it so different from everything else, even if half of the music is just plain, metronome-like, sequences. She doesn't say much. You stare at her new black macbook, that is style.

Then, for the interlude she hands out some more hints, some you recognize, some you don't. In fact, Feist is there. Something that sounds like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! and then you just start to listen to everything at once thinking that maybe she is the perfect girl for you (and more than a few guys think the same, beggining with her husband). Second set, finishes her setlist of original compositions, featuring herself at melodica for "Counting Backwards" in the end. Thanks to all of you who stayed until the end and there's CDs for sale at the bar. You and your friends buy some copies, magnific DIY production with that beautiful christmas tree light microphone and you're so glad she's back from Europe so you can actually buy it.

This was thursday; for friday and saturday several castle-like red and white curtains appeared at the door isolating the place for a private party featuring Lucrecia again, this time mixing some more up beat electroclash dance party music, setting it all away from the aguardiente and vallenato smell of Manizales in Ferias. -postbop


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