The Helio Sequence / Keep Your Eyes Ahead [2008]
The Helio Sequence
Keep Your Eyes Ahead
January 29, 2008

I hate underrating albums or not giving them a second chance. I also hate behaving like an elitist hipster and writing bad reviews of “In Rainbows”. I don’t think every band is meant to be significant, important for the history of music. So, sometimes, I feel like I just can’t blame them for not being brilliant. On the other hand, I can’t give a better rating to this album even if I wanted to. It starts with some nice dreamy pop songs but then it becomes acoustic and finishes with two songs that sound like Bob Dylan and The Band. It doesn’t make a lot of sense. It sounds like a bunch of different and unmatched concepts. Still, you can enjoy some of their songs separately. - Grey

Highlights / Lately


The Kiln -
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