Lightspeed Champion / Falling Off The Lavender Bridge [2008]
Lightspeed Champion
Falling Off The Lavender Bridge
January 21, 2008 (UK) / February 5, 2008 (US)

Just take a look at the cover of the album. This guy is such a freak. Weirdo as he looks, I expected his solo album to be weirder, but I can’t say I feel disappointed. Devonte Hynes, who had been hanging out with Klaxons, has recorded an album that sounds like some kind of epic cartoons soundtrack. His voice is hard to describe. Let’s say he sings pop melodies with the soul of a folk singer. He’s got many catchy tunes but they don’t sound empty. In fact, some lyrics are really funny (like “Everybody I Know Is Listening To Crunk”). When it comes to music, he mixes some classic arrangements (violins, mainly), some folk and some country with pop-rock. I don’t think this is a masterpiece like NME’s review proclaimed but it’s not crap either. - Grey

Highlights / Galaxy Of The Lost (video)


The Kiln -
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