Evangelicals / The Evening Descends [2008]
The Evening Descends
Dead Oceans
January 22, 2008

Evangelicals’ sophomore album is definitely an improvement from 2006's So Gone. Although I could never get into their first album, I let this one grow on me and now I love it. This record proves to be more mature and consistent. Within each song, there is a mix of many different sounds: fuzzy guitars, clean guitars, voice effects, organs, synthesizers, there is even screaming and laughter. But it all fits and I think this is what makes The Evening Descends an interesting album. The effects used on the vocals make the lyrics hard to understand but this adds to the whole ‘haunting’ feel. “Bellawood”, a song about a mental institution, reminds me of a horror movie. The line [Strange things keep happening / all around my head / strange things keep happening.] will be stuck in your head for a while. It was hard to choose a highlight but "Skeleton Man", "Midnight Vignette" and "Party Crashin'" are memorable tracks. Overall, this album is great. -Tinasucks

Highlights / Midnight Vignette


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