MSTRKRFT + Shitdisco live @ Lido (Berlin) [4.10.2008]
That night, it was fucking freezing in the streets of Berlin. They opened the doors at 10.00 PM but we waited outside for almost an hour. A mass of modern and young Berliners invaded Schlesische Straβe. They were drinking beer while waiting to get into the Lido and nobody could tell us if we really had to wait having bought the tickets the day before.

When we finally got in, the place looked far more decent than we expected. It had two rooms, the stage room and another one with sofas, tables and chairs. There was a really nice atmosphere and the place was quite packed even though it was Thursday. We had some beers (2.50 or 3€, quite cheap) and played foosball with local people. We are not such a good players but Berliners are even worse.

Shitdisco started playing around midnight and they connected with the crowd from the very first song. I don’t really remember the set list, but when I think about that concert I can only remember I was drinking beer and dancing along every song. The combination of indie rock and electronic music was quite satisfactory for partying. At the end of their concert, the drummer threw the drumsticks to the crowd. One of them hit my friend’s head, then mine, and I finally grabbed it from the floor. So if you saw a stupid drunk guy wearing black glasses with a wannabe afro hairstyle playing with a drumstick and an empty bottle all night long, that was certainly me.

MSTRKRFT played after Shitdisco. Some people left the Lido or went to the other room (the ‘authentic’ rockers). The ones who like electronic shit stayed there and enjoyed a good show. Some of them even got onto the stage and started dancing there. I must admit by that time I was even drunker so my memories are not so clear. Who knows… maybe they actually sucked. But I don’t think so. Some of my friends were not so wasted and they enjoyed it too.

We stayed there till 04.00 AM, smoking, drinking, playing foosball and dancing with Punks Jump Up. I really had fun. I don’t know, Berlin’s nightlife seems much more attractive to me than Barcelona’s. I gotta go back there sooner or later. - Grey


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