Films: Death At A Funeral
Directed by Frank Oz
Starring: Ewen Bremmer, Peter Dinklagez, Kris Marshall, Alan Tudyk, Rupert Graves.

I must say, I haven’t laughed this hard at a movie theatre in a VERY long time. The British comedy “Death at a Funeral” (2007), directed by Frank Oz, is a sublime demonstration of dark humor, well-used classic comedy resources, and a golden script. As for photography and art direction, not much is needed; almost every scene is in the same location, a house in the British countryside, during the day. The story revolves around the funeral of a regular man with a very dark secret, and a mysterious character [who happens to be a little person] is there to blackmail the family, threatening to show some compromising pictures to the “present audience” if they don’t come through with his demands. Of course the mentioned crowd is filled with the most amusing characters, including a lawyer who took acid thinking it was valium, the disturbed widow who’s also a full-time mother-in-law to the desperate wife of one of the blackmailed sons, Daniel, who’s trapped in all the madness while trying to cope with his father’s death, the fact that he has to pay for the funeral, and live up to his famous-writer brother’s reputation. Trust me, you’ll laugh from the opening scene until the final cut. A crown jewel, without a doubt! - Federicca



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