Guide: Caracas
It's monday night and the city sounds start vanishing into the air while I realize that venezuelan independent scene isn't a thing you'll find in some fancy lounge with a monosyllabic name and lots of european beer, the few people interested in alternative sounds will find a hard path to follow.

With an almost hermetic independent music scene and the internet as the only tool, Last.FM has quickly become the main pillar to those who search wisdom (ok, indie stuff). It seems that every attempt to trace the origins of the alternative music thought points to the 90's, Rafael Uzcategui and the shop where he used to sell some low profile fanzines and anarchist punk tapes. Uzcategui saw his shop for the last time when the police came and burned down the place due to political issues, although the only place in Venezuela where you could find alternative music and news was destroyed, the idea was still alive.

That's how in june of 2003, El Cartero Valiente became the first independent label and distributor in the country and bands like Furia de Buzo Ciego (Indie Rock), Die Ursache (Noise) and Bandasonora (IDM) became part of the first venezuelan indie wave.

Furia de Buzo Ciego - Todo es Números
Die Ursache - Sin Pruebas
Bandasonora - Eco en la Habitación

On 2004, A Brave New Radio was created with just one intention: collaboration. Todosantos, Laspopularesmakinitas, Helios 7.0, Perro Roboto and Beachehese gave life (and death) to this short-lasting project. Motivated perhaps by the harsh conditions, high competivity and a low support from the audience, each band decided to take separate ways and to find luck on their own.

Beachehese - Fábrica
Ulises Hadjis - Lunes

Even though the the dismantle of A Brave New Radio, in 2007 La Coalición del Rocanrol was conceived and a new musical alliance was shaped in Venezuela featuring a larger amount of bands which includes Autopista Sur, Domingo En Llamas, La Vida Bohéme, Los Donovans and Cerouno. Day after day, the scene is getting bigger and stronger, each band is a different dream, a different way to see the world and a different way to make it sound. - Khyne

Boom Boom Clan

The Kiln -
  • At April 9, 2008 at 11:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey Khyne, it's Abel from El Cartero Valiente. I can't find your e-mail anywhere on this site... anyway, would you like to review the Furia de Buzo Ciego CD? let me know:

    elcarterovaliente (at) gmail (dot) com

    thanks, great article btw!

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