Dancing Mice / Eroded [2008]
Dancing Mice
April 7, 2008

The first thing that actually caught my attention from this album is the fact that a song is called "Tamagotchi Girl" (I love it! Why didn’t I think of that name first?). That being said, I think that this album is a statement of pure artistic freedom: a 21st-century version of the DIY (do it yourself) attitude of early punk. You’ll hear a nice mixture of synth-pop sounds and songs depicted in a somehow anarchist, anti-virtuosic fashion where endless, out-of-tune melodies meet broken chords and rhythms. You’ll hear a collection of heterogeneous styles (from new-wave to dub-like beats) giving birth to a music that sounds abnormal, somehow out of place, somehow clumsy in a refreshing way. And then you’ll think, once more, that it's not a matter of skills or expertise, but a matter of the way you deliver your own original version of what rock and roll should be by doing everything the way you want to. You don’t have to be a maestro: just plug your guitar, turn on the mic and play. That’s all it is. - Mono

Highlights / Wounded Woman


The Kiln -
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