Caprice / Kywitt! Kywitt! [2008]
Kywitt! Kywitt!
April 8, 2001

The problem is you never learned how to whistle. From that point on, saying Fae Fae Fae Fae, wouldn’t solve your life anymore, but it definitely would have you dancing like a pixie for a while. What happened then was obvious, you didn’t know who John Dowland was, you read a little too much Tolkien, spent last summer in the forest and ate a muscoria or two... Renaissance madrigals [we’ve all heard of Amarillis, obviously!], Cybertrolls from WoW and faerie tags on Flickr made up some strange parallel universe between you and your laptop; now, divide that space in two, then again in two and in two again, until it fits between your nail and your finger, maybe in that little space you can find an elf to sing along with you. You just have to want to believe (sic) in that world you made up (kind of like Plato). Or just forget about it, take a harp and become Johanna Newsom: she knows she doesn’t believe it. Fact is, you won’t surprise anybody by speaking Laoris in the real world, you will be just a cute little geek. So don’t ask why nobody asks you out anymore. (Yes Khyne, I’m talking about you). - postbop

Highlights / Adew, Sweet Amarillis


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