Balance Problems / Morning Sun [2008]
Balance Problems
Morning Sun
April 8, 2008

Balance Problems isn't a band I’ve heard before, but I have to say Morning Sun is a pretty nice album. Songs like "Presidents Day" and "Blankets in the Grass" are sweet and sunny sounding, and definitely remind me of the album's pretty title. I really liked the use of banjo, and acoustic guitar, too – I thought it created a feeling of warmth that gave the album a little added depth that it probably needed. Although I thought the album was really sweet and pretty in places, I’m not entirely sure I’d go out and buy it. It’s not really what I like lyrically (I’m not really a sucker for constant songs about how they feel about some girl), or in terms of vocal style (WAY too breathy) or sound (a little bit bland in places), but it's worth listening to at least – and I think the album deserves some credit. Overall, this album is pretty nice, and standout tracks like "Blankets in the Grass" are worth hearing. Don’t expect a masterpiece, I guess, but do expect some well-crafted, well-thought-out songs and arrangements that will at least remind you of summer or your friends. - TotalTrash

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