Shotta / Sangre [2008]
Boa Records
April 2, 2008

When Big Hozone produces almost every single beat of an album the mc is not the point. OK, that was an exaggeration and by that I didn’t mean Shotta is not a good mc, but still… Hozone is one of the best European hip-hop producers. No doubt. Shotta made his first step in the business when he was still a teenager (he was 17, I think) with his brother Tote King (one of the biggest Spanish rappers). That album, titled Tu Madre Es Una Foca (Your Mother is a Seal), was also produced by Big Hozone and has become a Spanish rap classic. Nevertheless, his solo debut album was rather crappy. Now he’s back to prove to us he can manage to make a decent album. We knew he had skills, but he needed a balance between his teenage rudeness and a solid message. There’s even some social consciousness here. Who could imagine Shotta would talk about global warming, poverty, etc? In my opinion, even if this album is nothing spectacular, at least he has achieved that goal. Now he’s in the right position to build a successful career. - Grey

Highlights / 4 songs included in Sangre available on his myspace


The Kiln -
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