The Felice Brothers / The Felice Brothers [2008]
The Felice Brothers
The Felice Brothers
Team Love Records
March 4, 2008

I like this album, perhaps because I love Bob Dylan and The Band. The Felice Brothers are just like them, even though it’s less original to record that sort of music in the 2000s than in the 60s, especially if somebody has sung the same before. On the other hand, they do succeed revitalizing that music style and listening to them is a lot of fun. This album is quite calmer than the stuff they had recorded previously. Personally, I think they are more interesting when they get louder. The album contains some of these loud songs which combined with some extremely ironic story-telling lyrics end up becoming real hits. You should check out this band and their previous albums. Can’t wait to see them live! - Grey

Highlights / Frankie's Gun


The Kiln -
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