Jim White / Transnormal Skiperoo [2008]
Jim White
Transnormal Skiperoo
Luaka Bop
March 4, 2008

I am a fan of alt-country, americana, or whatever type of music I'm supposed to call this now, but I often find that most of these folks sound the same so I tend not to get excited. Jim White may not be breaking new ground, he has released a record that sounds genuine and kept my attention. Highlight songs such as Jailbird, Fruit of the Vine, and Turquoise house and no filler make this a pretty solid record. In a 2007 interview White said "when I get this deep sense of gratitude that I don't need drugs or God or doomed romance to fuel myself through the gauntlet of a normal day, I call that feeling "Transnormal Skiperoo". Perhaps this approach makes Transnormal Skiperoo stand out from the others, definitely a fine record fueled by something besides drugs, God, or doomed romance worth a listen to those looking to discover another source of inspiration or even a reason to go on. -Takomora

Highlights / A Town Called Amen (Video)


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