Headlights / Some Racing, Some Stopping [2008]
Some Racing, Some Stopping
February 19, 2008

The newest release from the Polyvinyl label, Headlights’ Some Racing, Some Stopping, contains some catchy hooks and beautiful vocals. It’s a really good pop album but it’s not particularly exciting or innovating. I feel like I’ve heard this stuff before. When “Market Girl” came on, for a second I thought I was listening to “Back to Boston” by The Rosebuds. The rest of the songs are more mellow, like the album opener “Get Your Head around It" which is really uplifting and relaxing, it is then followed by the organ heavy “Cherry Tulips” which is my favorite track on this release. I would describe Headlights’ sound as being a mix between Stars and Camera Obscura. Most of the 10 songs on this don’t go past the 4 minute mark so it is a very short album but it's still very enjoyable. -Tinasucks

Highlights / Cherry Tulips


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