The Big Sleep / Sleep Forever [2008]
The Big Sleep
Sleep Forever
Frenchkiss Records
February 19, 2008

Still wondering where did you hear "Pinkies" before, fifth song (and single) on this album, staring, once again, outside the window. Amazing song, right for that moment when you feel your past is going away, leaping over yourself and leaning in front of you, ready to be lived again as a new future. And it keeps coming, loud, "So Long", steady flows of chords, rising, changing colours and then just fading away, it's life. It is the big sleep you're into; let go and come back again, time as a gray noise sheet that wraps you over, pink lines in between. You can't forget My Bloody Valentine, but it doesn't stop there. The facts: Brooklyn power trio, straight-ahead shoegazing, almost no voices, stare at the sky and sleep forever. - postbop

Highlights / Pinkies


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