Los Campesinos! / Hold On Now, Youngster [2008]
Los Campesinos!
Hold On Now, Youngster
Wichita Recordings
February 25, 2008

I discovered Los Campesinos! a few months ago when they played in a local club here in Barcelona (Razzmatazz). I was drunk and before the show I was up to anything decent that made me shake my ass. I had a lot of fun. Los Campesinos! are one of these teenage pop mega bands, such as Architecture In Helsinki (but I actually prefer Los Campesinos!) that make you start jumping in every concert from the first song to the end. They have finally released their debut album after a long tour and they haven’t disappointed me. It is what I expected: frenetic pop songs with female and male voices, happy tunes and a friendly synth sound with some other freaky instruments like xylophones and so on. Unless you’d hate to listen to some danceable but decent teenage music, you’ll like this album. - Grey

Highlights / You! Me! Dancing! (video)

The Kiln -
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