Nada Surf / Lucky [2008]
Nada Surf
February 5, 2008

In this release, Nada Surf doesn’t stray far from the sound on their previous efforts. It’s pretty much the same formula they used on 2005’s The Weight is A Gift and 2003’s Let Go, which isn’t a bad thing at all. This is what the band does best. Lucky, however, is a much slower album and includes more acoustically driven songs like “Here Goes Something” (which is about Caws’ son) and “Beautiful Beat”. They have also added different instruments such as horns on “Ice on the Wing” and strings and piano in other tracks. There’s still songs that keep you moving like “I Like What You Say” which picks up the pace followed by “From Now On”, the former being one of the catchiest songs on the album. While Lucky is not their best effort to date (The Weight Is A Gift remains my fave) it is still a strong, consistent album and it is definitely worth checking out. -Tinasucks

Highlights / Ice on the Wing


The Kiln -
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