Dead Meadow / Old Growth [2008]
Dead Meadow
Old Growth
February 5, 2008

After dragons and wizards get tired of quarrels and quests, they go home and drink beer until they pass out. Then they wake up really late the next day, put on their chucks and plaid shirts and wander around town, just waiting for something to happen. Or maybe stay in their room playing guitar along with Nirvana and Dinosaur JR records. Yes, that does sound more grunge than 60's epic psychedelic rock, and that is what Dead Meadow's new album, "Old Growth", sounds like to me. Which is great. Sure, there are still long, moody guitar solos and a tune based on indian raga a la Led Zeppelin; Hard rockin' guitar riffs keep their sound together, but I'd say they have a hangover by now. I hate to sound radical, but Tolkien mythology and Rock n' Roll just doesn't mix, and when it's been sitting down for a while, beer tastes funny. - postbop

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