The Devastations / Yes, U [2008]
The Devastations
Yes, U
Beggars Banquet
February 5, 2008

I love this. And you dont have to be a genius to understand why i said that after you start listening to this. A man once said: "Paris is always Paris and Berlin is never Berlin". I believe him. There has to be something about this city that makes people change (Bowie, Lou Reed, U2, Iggy Pop etc). This Australian band (now living in Berlin) recorded their third album just to show how deep and dark you can get. And if earlier i said that you dont have to be a genius to understand why i love this, i truly believe you have to be one to make this, because what Conrad Standish, Hugo Cran and Tom Clayton have done is amazing. Melancholic, intense and even fragile music. - Khyne

Highlights - Black Ice


The Kiln -
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