These New Puritans / Beat Pyramid [2008]
These New Puritans
Beat Pyramid
January 28, 2008 (UK) / March 18, 2008 (US)

This band sounds pretty much like a musical diarrhea. Since it’s not 1965, that’s not something bad, because in the post-punk era musicians don’t need to compose the perfect melody to be considered good artists. It’s not something revolutionary, just the typical punk-influenced English indie rock with synths, broken rhythms and weird lyrics; a cross between Klaxons and The Horrors (they are actually friends from the same town) with some singing-like-rapping elements. Sometimes you wonder about the sense of singing things like “what’s your favorite number?”, but if you do a little effort and try to get into the music, you’ll enjoy it. Just assume it has no sense at all and let the noise invade your soul. - Grey

Highlights / Swords Of Truth


The Kiln -
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