Rafter / Sex Death Cassette [2008]
Sex Death Cassette
Asthmatic Kitty
January 22, 2008

The cover art pretty much sums up Robert Rafter’s new album. If I could describe what it sounds like with colors and shapes, this is exactly what it would look like. It’s so hard to even categorize this into a particular genre, his music pretty much moves back and forth between them. “Casualty of BOC” reminds me of Devendra Banhart, while other songs remind me of Beck and Yo La Tengo. There are 20 songs in total and yet the album is just over 35 minutes long, this means that the songs are so short that they don’t flesh out and get to fully express the true potential that this album could withhold. The songs seem more like sketches, but the album is very enjoyable nonetheless. The flow from track to track is excellent. I think this album is worth picking up. -Tinasucks

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