Bob Mould / District Line [2008]
Bob Mould
District Line
February 5, 2008

Mould, the old school hardcore/punk rocker from Hüsker Dü will turn 48 this year, which means that his destructive youth tendencies are, by now, completely gone (he would look quite ridiculous otherwise). Very much like Joe Strummer when playing with the Mescaleros, on this record you'll listen to a grown man who still enjoys kick ass choruses and heavy guitars, merging them with nicely crafted melodies that manage to reflect a deeper and reflexive side to the music. The man, not caring about proving anything to anybody (I guess these are the advantages of having had a successful alternative rock act in the 80’s), relies on the simplicity of accessible lyrics and a pair of chords to make honest, straightforward music. On District Line, you won’t find much more than this.

Listen to tracks like Stupid Now, Very Temporary or Who Needs to Dream? while driving your car as fast as you can. Letting the night, the music and your own thoughts wander freely through these songs seems like a nice thing to do on a Friday night. - Mono

Highlights - Who Needs To Dream?


The Kiln -
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