Jason Collett / Here's To Being Here [2008]
Jason Collett
Here's To Being Here
Arts & Crafts
February 5, 2008
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Shut off the lights, watch the streets through your window, forget about yourself as you lose all consistency through your earphones, become one with the music, waiting for the world to come home. Think about your life in terms of lost songs, papercut hearts and fun nights walking down the street. Even if you're not over that, you can see it all from above, through the night these days by your window, your eyes lost in remembrance. Such romantic nostalgia may not work with most music nowadays, but with Feist's labelmate Jason Collet it's right there for you; as eclectic as Broken Social Scene, where he plays guitar, and straightforward as a good friend, Collet will be there for you as a lantern the day you decide to crawl inside yourself and stay there for a while, he'll even share a drink with you. More on the rock and roll side of the dial, his new album Here's to Being Here still keeps some of the early close-your-eyes-don't-think atmosphere from early Idols of Exile, making it a wonderful advance in his solo career. Don't speak, and here's to good friends. -postbop

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