Silje Nes / Ames Room [2008]
Silje Nes
Ames Room
Fat Cat
February 12, 2008
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Just when you thought colors couldn't be brighter inside your head, you find her. Silje Nes flows through your ears as softly as a whisper, passes by, her white feather scarf gently touches your cheeks and keeps going her way. You stand there in amazement. She is a whole universe by herself, soft rain in the windows of a dream-pop fantasy bubble, and you may just know the way inside. Guitars and xylophones that sound like water streams and a soft voice reflected on them which shines through clouds of white synth lines, you catch a glimpse of her in the distance and remember to breathe again. If you could think of a color to describe the waves of sound that come over and over again over you, it would be the color of love reflected on the sky over the fjords in Norway –and your umbrella, keeping you from the rain in the night, would hug you and take you away making you forget about the world. Then you realize the warm heat you feel is the same of your laptop, which Silje recorded right in, along with so many different instruments she taught herself to play just for this album. Picture her alone in her bedroom toying with her glockenspiel, making this breathtaking album and you will never be the same. Fortunately her music is still there and you will melt with it in a dream of turquoise raindrops coming out of your headphones, all inside the glow of your laptop screen. -postbop

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