Nicolay & Kay / Time:Line [2008]
Nicolay & Kay
Nicolay Music
February 19, 2008

Nicolay is a Dutch hip hop producer who moved to the States a few years ago. He started collaborating with Little Brother and the Justus League family. His first steps were pretty enjoyable, both solo album and Foreign Exchange (Nicolay and Phonte). The sound he produces is like some stylish soundtrack made of rap and other related genres like jazz and soul. It’s not the typical nice sound made by producers who are good on picking up old soul samples (9 th Wonder) and making instrumentals by just adding drums and some secondary effects. He also uses live instruments, obtaining a distinctive flavor. This time he shows us another side of his musical talent producing this album with Kay (Houston rapper) on the mic. It’s another good experiment which sounds like the original Nicolay music and this new Texas rap represented by people such as Strange Fruit Project at the same time. Kay’s adaptation to Nicolay beats is great and the other vocal collaborations have done their job well too. We’re looking forward to the next Foreign Exchange album coming out this year! - Grey

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