Beach House / Devotion [2008]
Beach House
Carpark Records
February 26, 2008

Devotion. A word that says it all for the eleven dreamy pop songs on this album. Baltimore based duo shows us what a lonely night in the middle of the ocean would sound like, those perfectly accomplished organ melodies, the simple but elegant percussion and Victoria Legrand' vocals whispering to us "Pick apart the past, you’re not going back". Since the last time Beach House gave us something to hear, they have grown a lot: yes, you can still hear those little details that amazed us in their first album, but the change is there, they have a more mature sound and because of this they are now able to show us those influences they didnt show on their past record. To this humble servant, Beach House have created one of those albums that stay with you no matter what. - Khyne

Highlights / You Came To Me (video)


The Kiln -
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