Crystal Castles / Crystal Castles [2008]
Crystal Castles
Crystal Castles
Last Gang
February 19, 2008

…Then you listen to Crystal Castles and immediately go back to last week’s electro-punk-rave party (or the tidbits you seem to remember). Everything in your mind connects: you see the mildly illuminated basement, the image of the people in the crowd dancing like zombies, the girl on the stage with the yellow shirt and the weird makeup manipulating the turntables, and the hours you spend there, in awe. You feel, once more, the bass pumping trough your bowels and the beats warping your ears like there’s no tomorrow, feeling dizzy from all the smoke in your head. Was it a nice night? Your headache seems to say so.

This Canadian duo is all about retro beats, a little bit of noisy, catchy dance rhythms, weird voices and that underground-basement-party vibe that you really seem to enjoy once in a while. I wouldn’t call this the best electronic music release of the year, but it is enough to remind you of a wild night and, perhaps, to become the soundtrack of some others to come. - Mono

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