White Hinterland / Phylactery Factory [2008]
White Hinterland
Phylactery Factory
Dead Oceans

March 4, 2008

It would take you more than one attempt to guess what is it that makes White Hinterland, singer Casey Dienel's new touring band, so different to all those spektoresque daughters of Fiona singers around. It is not only the jazz rhythm section or the violins and banjo that come around sometimes, it's something you just can't point out immediately. Opening with "The Destruction of the Art Deco House" which features those nice piano lines, synth dream–clouds and Dienel's soft voice, the standard is set pretty high, your headphones anticipating every beat. Synths and nice sounds come back now and then, along with cellos, strings and bells; but somehow you just can't take off completely with that jazzy beat always pulling you down, waiting for something else that breaks off with every reference while keeping you in that special place the other girls have made by now. There is some wisdom in those advices that tell you to stick with one girl at a time. – postbop

Highlights / Dreaming of the Plum Trees


The Kiln -
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