The Ruby Suns / Sea Lion [2008]
The Ruby Suns
Sea Lion
Sub Pop
March 4, 2008

Damn, that was weird!. It seems like some maori guys carrying their ngurus and their putorinos met some friendly american ghosts and together they started listening to Islands and some Animal Collective album an entire day. "That's impossible" you say? well yes, you are right and you don't have to be Hawking to understand that I simply didnt know how to start this review so I began writing an imaginary description of the sounds in this album, but trust me, I know what I'm going to say after this embarrasing paragraph. The Ruby Suns are a three-piece band based on New Zealand and Sea Lion is their new delivery, as you can suspect after all that putorino monologue, this is a really "conceptual" album filled with atmospheric sounds, catchy pop vocals and a brilliant amalgam of world music that will make you start reciting mantras with a sombrero. Like most "conceptual" albums, the first time you listen to it it's possible that you wont be able to get the whole idea behind those strange sounds, but when you do, oh! you are going to love them. - Khyne

Highlights / Tane Mahuta (Video)


The Kiln -
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