Pete Rock / NY's Finest [2008]
Pete Rock
NY's Finest
February 26, 2008

Premier and Pete Rock are the only hip hop producers who haven’t lost their touch in all these years. They’ve always been good, they’ve always sounded classic. NY's Finest is not the best album from Pete Rock but he proves my theory right. He’s still one of the best producers. In my opinion, the best collabos are made by Wu-Tang mc’s, Styles P and Lords of the Underground. Anyway, he still has the power to make an average mc sound dope with one of his incredible beats. He’s like Steve Nash or Jason Kidd: if you’ve got him in the team, everybody plays better. Oh, and he even rhymes decently. The single “’Till I Retire” makes you clear what Pete Rock is all about. This will be entertaining for anybody who still wants to listen to classic rap. - Grey

Highlights / 'Till I Retire & Best Believe feat. Redman (video)


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