Guilty Simpson / Ode To The Ghetto [2008]
Guilty Simpson
Ode To The Ghetto
Stones Throw
March 25, 2008

Ode to the Ghetto is the long-awaited debut album from Detroit rapper Guilty Simpson. It actually leaked two months ago on the internet and the final version is just the same. Once again the most impressing thing here is the instrumental side of the album. In this case, we find a solid combination of beats from the most talented hip hop producers nowadays: Madlib, Oh No & Black Milk (there are some from J Dilla, Mr. Porter, Babu and Konnie Ross too). Although Oh No has recycled some beats from his last album, it still sounds very fresh. It’s a tough sound similar to Fat Ray and Black Milk’s album but containing different flavors. It’s like every producer has adapted his sound to Detroit, even though none has lost his distinctive style. As you can guess by reading the not so original title of the album (being called Guilty Simpson is original enough), lyrics talk about street life. I’m not going to call CIA to investigate Guilty Simpson’s street pedigree. He flows wonderfully, he’s got some really cool verses and this album is pretty nice. Go to the record store. - Grey

Highlights / Get Riches (video)


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