The Teenagers / Reality Check [2008]
The Teenagers
Reality Check
Beggars XI Recording
March 18, 2008

I was about to rate this album with a lower mark but I changed my mind after paying attention to the lyrics. This is nothing spectacular; a bunch of Parisians move to London and record electro pop-rock. If they have something special is this mix between French and Anglo-Saxon sound (electronic and indie rock elements). Their lyrics talk about girls, love and sex. One of the songs is titled “Starlett Johansson” and there’s another one where an American girl explains us how much she loves an English guy and the English guy explains how much he loves to fuck with his American cunt. The sexual rudeness of their lyrics (like “this fucking bitch deserves to die” on “Sunset Beach”) combined with a soft electro-pop sound and innocent voices are present in almost every track. Sometimes the album slows down too much because they start talking instead of singing. Anyway, that was made on purpose and the album still deserves a chance even if it’s nothing revolutionary. - Grey

Highlights / Starlett Johansson (video) - Homecoming (video)


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