Le Le / Flage [2008]
Le Le
Magnetron Music
March 2, 2008

Many days and nights went by, but the fragance of that young man you met in Berlin is still around. In a zip of a Dry Martini you’re able to connect the lost memories of the city nightlights, the astounding image of his movements and the persistent desire you had of not letting yourself forget the curvature of his shoulders and how they looked through the never ending sparkles of the strobe lights. You remember with another zip how the parties went by in Monaco and Paris, where you knew the beats were louder and the bulbs were brighter. And then, you see him going away somewhere between Amsterdam and Prague, leaving you alone with the clear reminiscences of the city, the music and the certainty that those were the best nights in your life. Is the Martini over? Are you done remembering?, Have a zip of Le Le’s Flage, and dance, once more, you’re whole life away. Have a share of these nicely crafted euro-beats, so you can party through the cities once more. - Mono

Highlights / Flage


The Kiln -
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