The Wedding Present / El Rey [2008]
The Wedding Present
May 20, 2008

I've been listening to David Gedge's music since he began with Cinerama. I was a little boy trying to be different from the rest of my classmates. That kind of music offered me new paths to cross; it gave me a new vision of what indie music should be. In TWP's new release, their eighth studio album, that's so well done; they play with rhythms as if they were made of clay. The lyrics always keep the indie pop style that defines bands like Luna or The Delgados, but this music is louder. Songs like “Palisades” and “The Trouble With Men” are highly distortioned and heavy, but the balance persists. Other songs, like “Model, Actress, Whatever...” and “Swingers” bring calm to the album. You’ll enjoy it from beginning to end. - Hi6uera

Highlights / Wolves


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