El Perro Del Mar / From The Valley To The Stars [2008]
El Perro Del Mar
From The Valley To The Stars
Control Group
April 22, 2008

Some sounds–and you will slowly learn to follow them–will make you forget about yourself. And it is not that easy, as every piece making that complex structure that is yourself will be removed and replaced by something else. Layers of sensation, carefully placed one on top of the other, will make room for a whole new construction which may or may not bear any resemblance to whatever was there before. Your memories will not be gone, as memories are not what makes you what you are; you can hold to them as long as you want to, yet you will abandon most of your usual reference points for other situations (which is not necessarily better). You will unsuccessfully try to describe these sounds as ethereal, cloudy, pink or whatever; do not despair, let it speak for itself, listen to the world inside yourself. This is just wondering what it means when you become many while still being one, what is the way not to be yourself, to become a dog. - postbop

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