Retribution Gospel Choir / Retribution Gospel Choir [2008]
Retribution Gospel Choir
Retribution Gospel Choir
Caldo Verde Records/Konkurrent Records
March 18, 2008

It’s good to hear fresh stuff, especially if we are talking about covers and revisions of material created for different purposes. Retribution Gospel Choir is a new project by Low member Sparhawk collaborating with other musicians from Low such as Livingston which consists in louder rock and roll. The sound is obviously quite different than Low’s. It seems they wanted to play the guitar like in the 70’s, with a similar concept when it comes to the essence of the music but a whole different atmosphere. Every song has been adapted to the same kind of structure and the same way to play the instruments in order to create a homogeneous atmosphere. Perhaps they are capable of creating many different patterns and sounds but it was a good decision to conceptualize the album this way because it sounds really compact. They play some other covers in the concerts which are not included in this album. Check out the live videos (decent sound). - Grey

Highlights / Hatchet (live video) - Breaker (live video)


The Kiln -
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