My Morning Jacket / Evil Urges [2008]
My Morning Jacket
Evil Urges

June 10, 2008

"Honey it‘s rotten and they got us so scared/Thinking there’s some evil waiting under vain." That's the first line Kentucky rockers My Morning Jacket decided to put on their new album. After three years and a big change after Z, an album filled with synthesizers and those weird dub moods, Evil Urges is a breath of fresh air. Although I'm pretty sure longtime MMJ fans won't be happy with it, there's nothing to afraid of, you can't totally hate this album; you have to recognize that the band has done an incredible job reinventing themselves, stepping away from the folkish sound on It Still Moves and their characteristic reverb effect, being used indiscriminately nowadays by a large amount of new bands. Different is the key word; if you want proof, just listen to "Highly Suspicious" and see how hard these guys wanted to do something else (if the song isn't enough, look at the album cover). - Khyne

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