Russian Red live @ La Sala Castelló (Barcelona) [4.25.2008]
First of all, I have to say my bathroom is bigger than that venue. I had never been there before so I didn’t know how it was. The sound wasn’t bad at all but there was some noisy air conditioner which wouldn’t have been a problem if it was a punk concert. It was not a punk band, it was Russian Red. Therefore, the atmosphere she tried to create was (once again) not 100% alright, even though it was much better than her show at Primavera Sound last year.

She was accompanied by a guy playing keyboards and a xylophone and another one playing an electric guitar (she played an acoustic guitar herself). Not bad, not bad. There were some instants where the three musicians combined so harmonically and, despite some amateurism, the whole concert was very consistent. By amateurism I mean some mistakes while playing the instruments or some lack of connection between them. Anyway, these signs of amateurism weren’t very significant and they added some beauty to the show instead of devaluing it. She played songs from her album, some new songs (I remember she said they played one for first time) and also covered “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. For her cover of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” she was accompanied by the projection of a video about Peter Pan and a theme park (ok, it was more profound than that, but I don’t feel like getting into detail). The girl who recorded it made a brief appearance explaining the relation between her, the video and Russian Red.

She was spectacular, dressed in a bright yellow dress and singing with that angelical voice. The best thing about her is the way she sings. She really looks like she's feeling it, feeling every word she’s saying. Her music sounds melancholic but there’s always some place for hope and happiness too. I must be influenced by her looks but the first word I’d come up with if you said Russian Red would be delicate. She looks delicate. Her music sounds delicate. You better go see her in some little venue rather than in a big festival if you have the chance, because this music needs some intimate place to be enjoyed. - Grey


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