Magnetic Fields / Distortion [2008]
Magnetic Fields
January 15, 2008

The title says it all: Distortion. Stephin Merrit is back with another one of his concept albums (with unfortunate cover art). 2004’s, I, included track titles that began with that letter and 1999’s 69 love songs was a triple-album including exactly what the title suggests. In this year’s effort, the distortion works quite well and it adds to the melancholic feeling in songs such as “Courtesans” and “Till the Bitter End”. Even though the feedback can get a little annoying at times it is not enough to detract from the overall enjoyment of this album. “Too Drunk to Dream” is this album’s ode to alcohol [sober, you're old and ugly / shitfaced, who needs a mirror?] and one of the best songs in Distortion. - Tinasucks

Highlights / Too Drunk To Dream


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