Kate Nash / Made Of Bricks [2008]
Kate Nash
Made Of Bricks
Fiction Records
January 8, 2008
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Same old story. Someone gets successful for doing something. Someone else gets successful for doing the same thing. Irish singer-songwriter Kate Nash's debut album isn't a very original thing, but well, nowadays that isn't very surprising.. catchy pop-songs with british accent, storytelling lyrics and dark humor is basically what you'll find in Made Of Bricks. Dont get me wrong, it's a very nice album in fact in my personal opinion, even better than Alright, Still but it's impossible to listen to this and not think of her, even the same Allen put Nash in her myspace profile as one of her "best friends" like saying "well if you like me, you will like her" and just like i said before, if you like catchy pop-songs with british accent, storytelling lyrics and dark humor, go for it. - Khyne

Highlights / Mouthwash


The Kiln -
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